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      Are you a confetti babe that  loves Tassels & Confetti ? You may be a perfect fit for our ambassador program! 

      Thank you so much for your Interest in becoming a Tassels and Confetti High School Ambassador for the Spring  2022 Semester. We are excited to learn more about you. We can't wait to welcome you to the T&C family.

      Please submit your Spring application by   12-17-2022  @ Midnight CST* GOOD LUCK!!!!   

      Please know that all we require Is just some of your time to post on your social media accounts (Please see the application below) 

      Tassels & Confetti Ambassador program Terms and guidelines :

      Fall  2022 term: ( August  - December 31st )


      When do we accept new ambassadors ?


      We will accept applications year round & add new #confettibabes members 2 times a year !

      Fall  2022 CAMPUS  Ambassador  APPLICATIONS ARE OPEN! 

      Apply by : 12/17/2022

      Acceptance emails 12/21/2022

      Accept & Return Paperwork by : 12/21/22


      If you apply during the months of one season we will review your application for the next season !

      *SPRING (JAN -MAY) ( OPEN ) 

      Applications reviewed / emailed in DECEMBER


      *Applications reviewed / emailed in  AUGUST 


      What you get when you are accepted into the rep program !

      What you get when you are accepted into the ambassador program !

      ✰ A rep welcome starter pack 

      An exclusive discount code

      Commission on sales  & T&C apparel & Funfetti  accessories will arrive in your package based on your tier status you have reached.

      Bond with other girls


      Please read our terms and conditions before applying


      Ambassador requirements:


      Must go live , make YouTube videos and TIKTOK videos. 

      Must take pictures wearing our T&C apparel and with our accessories, must post pictures and videos on your social media accounts.


      Share our products and promotions on your social media accounts. Must be engaging with our followers and your followers on all T&C related post .

      Must share code in post on social media , reward anyone who uses your code with a T&C sticker.


      The more friends that use your code you will be rewarded! Also commissions will begin once you reach our highest tier . The reason why rewards and commissions are not automatically applied when you start the program is because we want to see your commitment to our company & your motivation to help us make sales .


      Meet our campus ambassadors: